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Design and Code is done all by a single guy. It's my greatest passion to develop games. This passion finds it's way in the final product.


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Master Of Guns - Coming soon!

Master Of Guns is a mobile-action game with cool retro graphics.
The Endless number of levels guarantee hours of fun. The motivating character progression feels great. You start off with a simple pistol but on the road of becoming a Master Of Guns you unlock powerfull arms to fight you enemies.

Master Of Guns

New Blogposts

Gothic II: A great example of player progression

By Marius | 29. October 2017

Player progression is a big deal in many video game genres. It motivates the player to keep up playing by making him proud about all the cool stuff he has already achieved. The gameplay of RPG´s rotates around character progression. You start as a nobody and you develop your character step by step to get…

Master Of Guns boss fights

Epic boss fights in Master Of Guns

By Marius | 21. May 2016

These days i got the feeling that i miss something when i was playing the current version of Master Of Guns. After thinking about what exactly it could be that i miss in the gameplay i realized it was a lack of variety. So i figured out what should be improved and i start thinking…

Locked Treasure Rooms Master of Guns

Master Of Guns features locked treasure rooms now

By Marius | 17. May 2016

I recently added some value to the gameplay of Master Of Guns. I’m Speaking of locked treasure rooms. You as a player must find a key first to access the loot hidden in these rooms. This feature makes the gameplay of Master Of Guns more variable. Before i implemented the locked rooms the gameplay was…