Gothic II: A great example of player progression

Player progression is a big deal in many video game genres. It motivates the player to keep up playing by making him proud about all the cool stuff he has already achieved. The gameplay of RPG´s rotates around character progression. You start as a nobody and you develop your character step by step to get…

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How to find the best programming language for learning to code

Best programming language for learning game development

Coding is becoming more and more popular as the society becomes more dependent on computers. So there are more people wanting to learn how to code today than never before. There is this one big question every beginner asks himself: “Which programming language should i learn first?” In this article i want to give you…

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Learn A* pathfinding in Java and make your game’s enemies smarter!

How to code A* pathfinding in Java

Pathfinding is an essential part of many games. Once implemented properly your game gets huge benefits from it. Your enemies will get the ability to avoid walls and follow you. I guess one reason for the massive amount of zombie games out there is that a zombie does not need pathfinding to seem realistic. Zombies…

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How do you start creating your own apps

Apps are part of our lifes for some years now. Nearly everyone of us has a smartphone in their pockets, which make mobile apps a very interesting thing for every developer who wants to reach a massive audience.

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