Epic boss fights in Master Of Guns

Master Of Guns boss fights

These days i got the feeling that i miss something when i was playing the current version of Master Of Guns.

After thinking about what exactly it could be that i miss in the gameplay i realized it was a lack of variety.

So i figured out what should be improved and i start thinking about a solution. One of the features i came up with were the treasure rooms i implemented recently.

The other big feature which has found its way into the game is the boss fight.

In each level you have to beat a boss before you can use the portal and complete the stage.

The room in which the boss fight takes place requires a golden key to open. This key is hidden somewhere in the level. So you as a player must explore the level to beat it.

The placement of the golden key is randomized as the rest of the levels but it’s always inside a treasure room this way i make it more challenging to find the key because first you must obtain a silver key and locate the right treasure room.

I really like the boss fight feature so far. I plan some minor improvements on it but it’s already cool and fun.

For release there will be 3 different bosses with different behavior and weapons.

The bosses will scale in difficulty depending on the stage. Stage 1 has a really weak and kind of sweet boss. Stage 50 will make you cry!

Tell me what do you think about the feature?

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