7 Wonderful Life Lessons Gaming Teaches You

7 lessons gaming teaches you for life
Playing video games is not pointless recreation like many think. It is more than that. Gaming can even teach you valuable lessons for real life.

In this article I’m going to show you the 7 greatest lessons gaming can teach you and how your life will profit from it.

Working For Your Goals

That’s the most amazing lesson I learned from video games. For example: there is this special armor or weapon. It looks so cool, but hell, it’s so expensive. It will take you ages to get it. But you start creating a plan of how to get it and you keep on constantly “working” on it.

Another example: There is this really powerfull player who is always better than you and you stand no chance beating him once.
You say to yourself: Man, that is not acceptable, i have to become a better player! You start working on your skills until there is the day where you finally beat your rival.

It doesn’t matter that those “goals” seem unimportant from a third persons perspective. It is the skill of reaching goals what is taught by playing video games and of course you can apply this skill to your real life!

Focus Better

Many games require an immense focus while playing. There are only a few exceptions. Even slower games like Point&Click Adventures require you to be concentrated. Realtime Strategy like Starcraft and shooter games like Counter Strike need your total focus every second if you plan to succeed. If you like gaming and play a lot your focus skill gets a really effective training. You will profit from this in your Job, School, Uni or every other part of life where good focus is needed.


Multiplayer games are really popular today. There are MMO, Teamshooter, Strategy games, Sports games and much more genres which are centered around their multiplay experience.
The gameplay is designed in a way that you can’t succeed as a lonewolf. So you have to be good teamplayer.
Being a good teamplayer gives you many advantages in parts of your life for example your job and your relationships.

Solve Problems

In many games you have to solve problems. Strategy games, Adventures and even Shooters only to name a few. If you are a master in problem solving your chances to get a highly payed job increases.

Learn Faster

Starting to play a new game there is so much stuff to learn. Gameplay mechanics, controls, story all this is stuff you have to learn when starting a new game. Your mental flexibility gets increased and it gets easier for you to dive into new topics in the real life. For example: Your manager assigned you with a task you have never done before. Thanks to gaming you know that you are able to adopt to new situations and to be persistent until you understood the core of the thing.

Make better decisions

Games are basically a chain of decisions. Your decisions decide if you are playing successful or not. How important good decisions are in video games get the clearest when looking at strategy games. Should i build this now or wait a bit? Should a attack my opponent now or later? Should it be a frontal attack or should it be one from the flank? All these are important decisions which decide if you leave the battlefield as a winner or loser.

Be Happy & Release Stress

Games are about having a good time. Games teach you to release the stress which piled up over the day. You learn to let go all the negativity you previously had and just enjoy the good time you have with the game.

And that’s it now you know the 7 lessons gaming teaches you for life. Please let me know what gaming has taught you so far!

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