About Helfsoft

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own computer programs, mobile apps, websites, or even games?

Yes! So this website helfsoft.com is the perfect place for you. 

Here you will find useful resources about learning to code or improving your coding skills. For example, tutorials, online-courses, software-development news, and much more cool stuff related to coding.

So now you might wonder, why should you learn to program if there is so much more fun stuff to do in your life.

Let me answer this question for you!

Top 10 reasons why you should definitely start learning to code

  1. Express your creativeness – painters use a canvas and paint. Coders use code to express their creativeness. You can basically create anything you like, starting from zero.
  2. Build amazing stuff – have you ever dreamed of building a robot who greets you nicely when returning home from work? Or what about a fantastic smartphone app that makes life easier for a lot of people? If gaming is one of your hobbies, why not building your own game?
  3. Improve your analytical thinking – for example, there is an annoying bug in your code (basically a coding mistake). You have to find it. Sometimes it’s like finding the needle in the haystack. You will need to utilize all your analytical skills to find and fix it. Those skills will benefit you in your everyday life as well.
  4. Be ready for the future – our society’s dependence on technology will most likely even increase in the future. So being able to program and being an active part of this technological revolution would be great, right?
  5. A better understanding of technology – have you ever wondered how the internet or your smartphone works? When learning how to code will get a good grasp of how all those modern technologies and devices work. 
  6. Learn to solve problems – Coding is basically: Telling the computer how to solve a problem for you. Your skill in solving problems will also increase outside of programming in everyday life.
  7. Impress your loved ones – Your family and friends will be impressed and fascinated by your new hobby, I promise! 
  8. Participate & help others – Most of the time, software development is done in teams. You will help other developers with their code and also learn from them.
  9. Get career opportunities – software development is a highly demanded skill today. Many companies are looking for skilled devs. The salary in this field is excellent, and the job itself is anything else but boring (most of the time). 
  10. Be independent – You could basically code everywhere. Just take your laptop with you and program from wherever you want. Working remotely as a software developer is very common.

Now you know why you should not lose your time any longer and start learning to write software today. 

Maybe you still have some doubts if programming is right for you, so let me answer some general FAQs about coding.

Coding FAQ

  • Can anyone learn to code? – Yes, some might be more talented than others, but with enough practice, everyone can program. In my career, I’ve worked with several people who didn’t even have a formal education related to programming and came from a totally different field. They’ve developed their hobbies into their profession.
  • Is it hard to learn? – Yesand no, in the beginning, there is quite some learning required. Thinking about how I experienced this process back, I look at it with joy and nostalgia because it might have been hard in the beginning, but very fascinating at the same time. Besides, you can see your learning results instantly. I promise you that you will be able to create your first little website within a week.
  • How long does it take to get on a professional level? – It depends, but in case you are very interested and passionate about it and you learn every day. It is possible that in one year, you are already good enough that you can work as a coder.
  • How much does it cost? – Nothing, all you need is a computer or mac and you most likely already got one. A free website like this one offers you all the necessary information to get started. You could spend some extra bucks in online-courses or a good old book.
  • Will I become a nerd? :O – It isn’t wrong to be one! A nerd basically is just a person who is very skilled in or has lots of knowledge of a specific thing. Every significant invention made in human history was created by some kind of nerd. Being a nerd does not equal to being socially awkward.

I hope you are very curious about software development now, and all of your questions are answered.

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See you later and good coding! 😀