About Helfsoft


Hi, my name is Marius and I'm the guy behind Helfsoft. 

When i was 5 years old i had my first video game experience. I't was Prince Of Persia for MS-Dos. I was immediately hooked and video games continued to fascinate me all the way until today. When i was 13 years old i wrote my first line of code. Programming quickly turned into my passion and later even became my profession.I love to develop and i like games, that's why i started helfsoft.

My mission: Giving game enthusiast the games they want. Delivering fun experiences to lighten up my players everyday life.

 Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

-Pablo Picasso


My Values

Having Fun

Playing a good game is fun. My game designs are centered around fun, not making money!


Game development is my No.1 passion. It manifests itself in my games. The results are games which are handcrafted quality products with corners and edges but with their own personality.

Steady improvement

My games get updated on a regular basis. It's not my way to rest on my laurels. There is always something which could be done better.


My games have a fair game design. They are fun even without paying anything. No artificial slow-down of gameplay like most mobile games do. No annoying ads. When i use ads, you get rewarded by watching them.