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Master Of Guns features locked treasure rooms now

Locked Treasure Rooms Master of Guns

I recently added some value to the gameplay of Master Of Guns. I’m Speaking of locked treasure rooms. You as a player must find a key first to access the loot hidden in these rooms. This feature makes the gameplay of Master Of Guns more variable. Before i implemented the locked rooms the gameplay was…

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How to find the best programming language for learning to code

Best programming language for learning game development

Coding is becoming more and more popular as the society becomes more dependent on computers. So there are more people wanting to learn how to code today than never before. There is this one big question every beginner asks himself: “Which programming language should i learn first?” In this article i want to give you…

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Learn A* pathfinding in Java and make your game’s enemies smarter!

How to code A* pathfinding in Java

Pathfinding is an essential part of many games. Once implemented properly your game gets huge benefits from it. Your enemies will get the ability to avoid walls and follow you. I guess one reason for the massive amount of zombie games out there is that a zombie does not need pathfinding to seem realistic. Zombies…

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Awesome OpenGL lighting effects in 2D games

Master Of Guns Screenshot 2

I recently implemented a cool lighting effect in Master Of Guns. I added normal maps and shader programs to calculate the specular and ambient light. This way i was able to create night and day levels and add cool 3D like reflections to my 2D sprites which i find quite cool.

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