How to find the best programming language for learning to code

Best programming language for learning game development

Coding is becoming more and more popular as the society becomes more dependent on computers. So there are more people wanting to learn how to code today than never before.

There is this one big question every beginner asks himself: “Which programming language should i learn first?”

In this article i want to give you some advise based on my own experience and opinion to make it easier for you picking a programming language.

There is no best programming language

I want to make one thing clear. You can’t choose a wrong language. The basic concept behind coding is always almost equal and independent from a specific programming language.

It is important and necessary that you learn these basic concepts before you start developing the actual game of your dreams. So you have heard about a specific language and you find it cool? Well so go with it you won’t regret it.

So what programming language is the best for me?

Anyways there are some things you can take into consideration when choosing your first programming language.

It depends on your character are you more resistant to frustration or is it a habit of yours to give up quickly?

I personally have no problem with getting frustrated quickly so i personally would recommend to start learning how to code the hard way. Once you mastered a hard language without or nearly no comfort it will be an ease for you to adapt your gained knowledge to other languages.

Learn it the hard way

I’m speaking of C on a linux machine using a simple text editor, the command line and gcc as a compiler. This way you will learn things like memory management which you would not have to care about in languages like Java or C#.

The point is that you learn a lot by following this approach. You get a feeling about how a computer works. You learn to use your given resources like memory or Cpu wisely (optimization is a big thing in game development).

Another advantage of learning C as your first programming language is the fact that many modern languages are based on C.

C++ for example is even backwards compatible to C. The syntax of Java is strongly influenced by C++. C# already has it in the name it also has a lot of similarity to the C syntax.

Most game engines out there uses C++ as primary language so take that in consideration when choosing a language. Cocos2d is a good free one.

Good languages for learning to code the hard way: C, C++

An easier start

To be honest C is not very comfortable. So you could like to start with a language that has a lot of comfort functionality such as Java and C#. For example both languages got a garbage collector which cleans up the memory automatically and you don’t have to worry about freeing memory which is not used anymore.

The popular game engine Unity3d uses C# as primary programming language. Native Android Apps are written in Java. And with LibGdx there is also a decent game development framework for Java.

Javascript can also be a good choice for starting to code. You can create games with Javascript and HTML5. Javascript is easy to learn due to it’s very simple syntax but it might be difficult for you to learn other languages when you started with Javascript because of the missing types in declaration of variables for example.

Good languages for the easier way: Java, C#, Javascript


You know now that there is no best programming language out there to start with. Every language has their reasons for existence. But some of them are more difficult to learn than others. It’s a question of personal taste which language to pick.

Which language have you started with? Which one would you recommend to beginners today? Leave me a comment that would make my day! 😀

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