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The last weeks were very productive ones for me. I managed to add a some really cool features to Master Of Guns. In this post I want to present to you the current development state of the game. I would really like if you give me your feedback about it.

These features will be included in the final game

As you probably already know Master Of Guns is a mix of a 2D-Shooter combined with an Action-RPG.
So when playing the game you will get gameplay full of action like in a shooter game.

The innovative thing is that i combine this gameplay with typical elements found in rpgs like exploration, character progression and loot.

The following list will give you an impression about all the features which will be included in the final game:

  • Fun action gameplay
  • Endless gameworld to explore
  • Challenging quests from the people of gunland
  • Guns & armor from treasure chest

As you can see you can summarize Master Of Guns as an 2D shooter with action-rpg elements. I think this kind of game is unique. Most of the action-rpgs out there are fantasy games featuring mainly melee, hack & slash gameplay. MOG takes the action-rpg to a different and a lot fresher setting.

This is the Current State of the Game

So at this point you might be curious about how far the game is already developed, right? So let me give you a quick overview about the current state of Master Of Guns.

The game is already in a good playable state as you can see in the videos and on the screenshots i post here and on social media on a regular basis. The level generator is finished, so the game generates an inifinite number of levels. You will never run out of playable content.

The loot generator is also done. So you can already find equipment in treasure chests. The loot system is similar to Diablo. Each item is generated procedurally so there is always a chance to find better guns & armor and get stronger.

The enemy AI is already almost done. They follow the player around corners and have different movement and attack patterns. One thing to note here, the final game will have more enemy types than you can see now in the video.

The biggest todos are the quest system, which I haven’t started implementing yet.

The balancing still have to be done which will be a lot of work because of the game’s nature of generating it’s content on the fly.

Big parts of the user interface still have to be created or improved.

I’m working really hard too deliver a game I would love to play as a player! And I hope you will love playing it too.

I really appreciate your feedback. It would be cool if you could leave a comment here.

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