Master Of Guns: Really Exciting Dungeons with Deadly Monsters

Exciting Dungeons With Deadly Monsters

Master Of Guns gameplay recently got an awesome new feature. I’m speaking of dungeons.

Like all dungeons this ones are also really dark and packed full of deadly monsters.

And i promise you this new features lifts the gameplay of Master Of Guns to whole new level.

Why Dungeons make the Gameplay much more Exciting?

That’s simple: I created dungeons to increase the gameplay variation.

Before i implemented this feature it was pretty much like this: The player started a new level. This level waseither one of three level types: Grass, Desert, Ice. The level was a single big connected area.

Now it is much cooler: The player starts the level and the game generates a complex level system. This level system is constructed of a big “main level” and many smaller ones. These side levels are connected via the dungeons. The dungeons can be entered by stairs.

All this adds a nice exploration aspect to the game. Since every level is randomly generated, it never get’s boring and each level is a new challenge for the player. The goal of each level is still finding the golden key to reach the final room. But the golden key is now much better hidden because of the higher level complexity.

Developing Dungeons was really Challenging

Developing this features took hard efforts. A dungeons feature sounds simple but integrating it in Master Of Guns complex random level generator was a tough task.

The one outstanding part of it in terms of difficulty was implementing the connections between the levels and the placement of stairs. To solve this problem i evaluated the importance of each Tile of the map.

The more important a tile is, the more suited it is to place a treasure or a stair on it. A tile has a higher importance if it is harder to reach. The tile in the most distant section of the players starting tile has a very high importance for example. There are some other factors involved but those are not essential to understand the concept.

So please tell me what do you think about the direction in which the game is developing!

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