Become the Master Of Guns

Your journey starts as an ordinary citizen of Gunland having the dream of protecting your homeland from the evil suppressors and rescue your people.

One day you will become the Master Of Guns, the greatest hero Gunland has ever seen.

Gunland is a massive world. It's literally endless. So there is a lot to explore for you. You will find secret treasures, improve your arsenal, learn new skills, meet the people of Gunland and help them out.

Master Of Guns is a 2D-Shooter-RPG and will be available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

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About the Game

Hi, let me introduce myself: I'm Marius the developer of Master Of Guns. I'm a Software-Engineer from Germany.

Back in 2015 it bothered me that I wasn't able to find any decent action-rpgs on mobile. The majority of mobilegames back then were either simple arcade or pay-to-win strategy games.

I wanted to change this!

My dream of creating a game which combines the addicting character progression of an rpg with the action of a 2D-shooter was born.

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master of guns player walks left right
  • Explore the endless Realms of Gunland

    The World: Gunland is Generated as you Play. Every Part of the World Looks and Plays Differently.

  • Fight the Vicious Invaders

    Addicting 2D Gameplay Full of Action!

  • Complete Challenging Quests & Missions

    The People of Gunland Need your Help!

  • Gear up your Arsenal

    Find Hidden Treasures or Buy Guns & Armor from the Travelling Tradesman.

  • Become the Master Of Guns

    Level-Up, Learn new Skills and Grow in Strength!


Master Of Guns is comming soon

Play the Alpha Demo Today

Hi, my name is Marius. I'm the developer of the game Master Of Guns.

Master Of Guns is about becoming the greatest hero of all time and saving the people of Gunland from the evil invaders.

Marius Helf / Developer

The alpha demo is absolutely free and new features will be added regularly.


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