Procedural Generated and Colored Sprites

Master Of Guns is in development for quite a while now. One of the biggest problems throughout that time was getting art assets. I needed to hire artists to make the assets for my games because I’m a programmer without time and skills to create art.

It is very hard to provide enough variation in a game based procedurally generated levels. The most difficult thing in my experience is the visual variation.

How can the game communicate constant progression to the player if each enemy and level looks the same?
Obviously i cannot create several hundreds sprite sets for levels and enemies because I’m a solo developer with a low budget.

So i figured out a way to solve this problem the programmer way: I developed a system to procedural generate art assets.

In addition i implemented an algorithm which colors the already existing assets.

Now each levels looks and plays different and to be honest I’m really proud of that and i hope you will like it in the final game.

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