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Master Of Guns features locked treasure rooms now

Locked Treasure Rooms Master of Guns

I recently added some value to the gameplay of Master Of Guns. I’m Speaking of locked treasure rooms. You as a player must find a key first to access the loot hidden in these rooms. This feature makes the gameplay of Master Of Guns more variable. Before i implemented the locked rooms the gameplay was…

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Awesome OpenGL lighting effects in 2D games

Master Of Guns Screenshot 2

I recently implemented a cool lighting effect in Master Of Guns. I added normal maps and shader programs to calculate the specular and ambient light. This way i was able to create night and day levels and add cool 3D like reflections to my 2D sprites which i find quite cool.

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My new game got a name – Master Of Guns

I finally decided to name my new game: Master Of Guns. I must say naming something is one of the most difficult things in the development process. There are just too many possibilities for cool names. Deciding for one can be a really hard job especially because most cool names are already “taken”.

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