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Master Of Guns

Master Of Guns is an action-rpg game about guns, loot & levels

Fight your way through an unlimited number of levels!

Find powerful weapons and armor!

Level-Up your character and unlock cool abilities!

Coming soon!



Master Of Guns

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7 Wonderful Life Lessons Gaming Teaches You

By Marius | 8. March 2018

Playing video games is not pointless recreation like many think. It is more than that. Gaming can even teach you valuable lessons for real life. In this article I’m going to show you the 7 greatest lessons gaming can teach you and how your life will profit from it.

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Exciting Dungeons With Deadly Monsters

Master Of Guns: Really Exciting Dungeons with Deadly Monsters

By Marius | 4. March 2018

Master Of Guns gameplay recently got an awesome new feature. I’m speaking of dungeons. Like all dungeons this ones are also really dark and packed full of deadly monsters. And i promise you this new features lifts the gameplay of Master Of Guns to whole new level.

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Gothic II: A great example of player progression

By Marius | 29. October 2017

Player progression is a big deal in many video game genres. It motivates the player to keep up playing by making him proud about all the cool stuff he has already achieved. The gameplay of RPG´s rotates around character progression. You start as a nobody and you develop your character step by step to get…

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